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School Management ERP

Project Details

Systems that are set up to aid the process of managing a school or any other educational system to run smoothly are school management systems. However, with technological advancement, it is natural to have a modern, digital school management system.

Unlike the schools that keep all their data stored in heaps of paper and files, modern School Management ERP helps schools to store and manage their data using a cloud-based server. Not only that, but it also allows you to manage the usual proceedings of a school remotely. So, the school admins can take care of all the administrative work from anywhere in the world, all they’ll need is a smartphone with the school management application installed in it. Similarly, teachers can keep a track of their student’s work, their own schedule, attendance, exams along with some other tasks.

Project Duration: 2 Years 
Country: India
Domain: Education


Key Features

This system connects different entities together in one place and by that it makes their lives easier.

  • Analytical dashboards

  • User Management & Security

  • Student Information

  • Course Management
  • Attendance

  • Course Management
  • Parent Portal

  • Staff Management

  • Academic Year & School Grades

  • Attendance Management

  • Financial Management
  • Time Table Management

  • Exam Management
  • Transport

Technology Stack