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Welcome to our portfolio page, where we showcase our best work and demonstrate the quality and versatility of our services. Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive business success. Each project in our portfolio represents a unique challenge that we have overcome, delivering results for our clients.


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Event Mangement

Project Description – Online Food Order Management System is a technology platform that connects parents, schools, and restaurants to provide a school lunch solution for students in the form of a fun lunch and a regular lunch program. This system connects different entities together in one place and by that it makes their lives easier.

• Complete set of profitability reports 
• Restaurant Menu & Menu Items Management 
• Event Organization
• Manage Online Ordering Flow
• Analysis and Report of Event Orders
• School Grade and Student Management
• Event Payments and Transaction Histories , etc.

React JS ,  Node JS ,  Typescript ,  HTML , CSS ,   PostgreSQL , Google Map API

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Social Currency Card

Project Description – This is a platform for everyone out there who are present on social media to experience the power of their influence and how they can use it to get good rewards. So while users shop from partner brands and share their shopping on social media and earn exclusive rewards and cashback on the card. 

• Complete set of profitability reports
• User and Partner Brand Management
• Partner Brand’s Offer Management
• Handle User Card Functionality
• Lock/Unlock/Block Card
• Add Money
• Reset PIN

Typescript,  HTML, CSS,  React JS, React Native, Node JS, PostgreSQL.


School Management ERP

Project Description – This application is widely use in education domain which contains integration of

• Student enrollment
• Student information
• Academic information
• Time table management
• Academic results management
• Online exam
• Event management
• Library management

React JS ,  Node JS ,  Typescript ,  HTML , CSS ,   PostgreSQL , Google Map API



Namkeen Vendor

Project Description –This website is namkeen-based, catering to your cravings for savory indulgence. Your digital haven for all things delightfully crispy and irresistibly flavorful. From traditional classics to innovative blends, we curate a diverse range of namkeen treats that tickle your taste buds. If you’re planning an event or simply love to snack in style, our bulk ordering option ensures you never run out of these delectable bites.

• Bulk Order Convenience
• Comprehensive Product Information
• Partner Brand’s Offer Management
• E-mail Service
• Customizable Orders

HTML , CSS , JavaScript, Responsive Design

how we deliver?


We Follow a Systematic Process of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  To Deliver the Best and Outstanding Quality Services & Products to Our Customer


We define the problem and scope of any existing systems, as well as determine the objectives for new systems.


We follow coding guidelines as defined by the organization and utilize different development tools


We ensure that software overall ends up meeting the quality standards that were defined in the SRS document.


We deploy A fully functional and tested product that's available to end users.

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