DP Infosoft

Namkeen Vendor

Project Details

This website is namkeen-based, catering to your cravings for savory indulgence. Your digital haven for all things delightfully crispy and irresistibly flavorful. From traditional classics to innovative blends, we curate a diverse range of namkeen treats that tickle your taste buds. If you’re planning an event or simply love to snack in style, our bulk ordering option ensures you never run out of these delectable bites.

Dive into a world of information about each product, so you can make choices that suit your palate. Explore, savor, and elevate your snacking experience with ease – just as this website intends!”

Project Duration: 2 weeks
Country: India
Domain:  Food

Key Features

This system connects different entities together in one place and by that it makes their lives easier.

  • Bulk Order Convenience

  • Comprehensive Product Information

  • Variety of Flavors

  • Customizable Orders

  • Customer Support

  • E-mail Service

  • Flavor Profiles

Technology Stack