DP Infosoft

Social Currency Card

Project Details

This is a platform for everyone out there who are present on social media to experience the power of their influence and how they can use it to get good rewards. So while users shop from partner brands and share their shopping on social media , and earn exclusive rewards and cashback on the card. 

Concept of Buy-Post-Earn

Buy – Shop using Social Currency Card
Post – Give the brand a shout out on Instagram
Earn – Earn cashback on every purchase and Insta post! 

Project Duration: 8 Months
Country: India
Domain: Fintech


glowing credit card with circuit lines background

Key Features

This system connects different entities together in one place and by that it makes their lives easier.

  • Rewards System

  • Merchant Partnerships

  • Merchant Partnerships

  • Integration with Financial System

  •  Organization 
  • Community Impact

  • Secure Transactions

  • Payments and Transaction Histories

  • Manage Online Ordering Flow

Technology Stack